A sample of my work available online:

"Theory of MRI," The Journal #36.2

"The boy whose nocturne is his mother and her lover," The Cortland Review #54

"Yard work," Broadsided Press

"Parole," Linebreak

"Theory of rune," "Theory of dog days," & "Theory of lightning," Palooka Journal #1

Other Publications

"PHL 250: Philosophical Foundations for Ethical Understanding," Hayden's Ferry Review #54

"Theory of translator (traitor)," Cimarron Review 182

"Rise over run" & "Ex-con construction" J Journal #5.1

"Theory of must," The Cincinnati Review #8.2

"Red domestic ensemble," Spoon River Poetry Review #36.2

"Executioner," Bat City Review #7

"The boy who constantly considers his mother's infidelity," Bayou Magazine #51

"Fear of a gorilla falling," Colorado Review #36.2

"Slow mo bullet," Gulf Coast #21.2

"Let them fall like hard fruit," Harpur Palate #10.2

"The boy who drops the sky" & "How the boy hears the The Rites of Spring," Phoebe #38.2

"Theory of spall," Sugar House Review #3

"Self-portrait with the Golden Gate Bridge" & "The flower clock," The Portland Review #56.1

"All we have to do," West Branch #63

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